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Unexpected Alpha


Female Alphas are unheard of in werewolf society, and the Sapphire Pack  is no different. So when Lena’s father dies, no one is more shocked than  she to discover that his Alpha powers have transferred to her. Lena has  her hands full protecting her pack from hunters and rogue wolves, while  simultaneously facing prejudices and power-hungry males who want to  mate with her just to steal her title.

But when the uber-sexy  Kane enters the picture, Lena gets a lot more than she bargained for. He  irritates her to no end, while giving her butterflies at the same time.  With his interference and her new-found power bubbling under her skin,  something inside her changes, leaving her confused as to what she truly  is. She soon discovers that searching for answers is most difficult when  the last person she can trust is the only one who has them.

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Desperate to find out what she is and where she belongs in the werewolf  society, Lena seeks out Dash—the only other werewolf of her kind. But  Dash is reluctant to give up any information.

Along with her  newly founded comrade, Stark, Lena must uncover what Dash is hiding. But  she learns that sometimes the truth only leads to more trouble.

Wanting  to get back to her pack and Kane, her mate, Lena struggles to find how  to break away from the mess she’s gotten herself into. But when old  enemies come back into the picture, things take a turn for the worst.

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A peace that won't last. An exciting adventure that has its risks. And a new enemy on the horizon.

Now  that she’s settled into her Aluna title, a whole new adventure calls to  Lena. She discovers she’s expecting and she and Kane couldn’t be  happier. The bad thing, she can no longer shift into her wolf form. With  an overprotective mate, Lena shouldn’t have to worry about not being  able to shift. But, as usual, the peace doesn’t last.

Now,  there’s a new enemy on the horizon. A group of werewolf hunters that  call themselves the Order. They want to take advantage of Lena’s  debilitated state and destroy their pack, which is now considered to be  the strongest one in the nation. It’s hard to recognize friend from foe  amongst the hunters, so what does this mean for the ones who live with  them?

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After being turned into a hybrid werewolf, Stark became bonded to Lena.  Always connected, Stark struggles to contain his emotions, especially  considering he's mated to Kayla.

Being linked to two girls is  exhausting, even more so when he has feelings for both. Kayla is his  mate, but Stark can’t shake Lena from his mind. Can he manage to come to  terms with his emotions before he loses Kayla forever?

Stark follows a fan-favorite character, Stark, through the third installment of the Aluna Series: Hybrid.

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Unexpected Mate


Eden was born a hybrid wolf with both Alpha and Luna powers within her.  Now that she’s seventeen, she’s expected to find a mate and prepare to  take over her pack when she’s eighteen, as is tradition. But nobody  expected it to be Liam.

Liam, the son of Knox and Katie, is the  only werewolf born without a wolf. It was an unheard of phenomena until  he was born. His twin brother got the wolf gene and Liam is just the  leftover. Feeling like an outcast, he never anticipated he’d have a shot  at dating Eden, let alone be her mate.

Does Eden have enough  werewolf in her for the two of them to lead the pack together? To make  things worse, something’s draining their livestock of their blood.

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Unexpected Ally


A dark scheme. A bloodthirsty revenge. An impending war.

 A year after the vampire attack and Eden feels everything is going to  be okay. But the good can only last so long in the werewolf realm.  There’s an evil scheme brewing and it involves the Sapphire and Emerald  Pack as the primary target.

 With Liam at her side as a werewolf, Eden is at her best. They can beat  anything, or so they think. When life seems to be spiraling out of their  control, help comes in the most unlikely place and it may be the only  thing that can save their pack.

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Dark Lightning


Ever dreamed of having control over an element? Ava Sparks didn’t. She  was just a normal girl without a passing thought that there could be  something out there other than humans. Until her seventeenth birthday.   
In  a moment of panic, something unthinkable happens: lightning surged out  of her hands. Soon after, she is swept away into the world of  elementals. At Westville Boarding School, she is drawn into a society  full of dark secrets, power, and rivalry, and she must find her place in  the battle Ms. Masters, the leader of the elementals, is set on  instigating against humans.   
Aided by her best friend Harper  McGee, she realizes her true potential and the benefits of wielding  lightning. However, reoccurring nightmares are testing the limits of her  sanity and the fact that an unavoidable darkness follows the lightning  doesn't help. When the past and present starts to collide, secrets are  revealed and fate is hard to avoid. Throw in the infuriating, but  mouth-watering, Nathan Yates and life is no longer easy. She instantly  feels drawn to him, no matter how rude he is or how hard he pushes her  away.

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Dark Fire


Kyler Yates has grown up in the elemental society all her life. Her  mother, an advocate for human relations, wants her to start attending a  human school for her last year. Kyler, unlike her mom, wants nothing to  do with humans so why would she try to be friends with them?  
Remy  James grew up in the human world and has been taught that elementals  are terrible, selfish people. It’s only proven true when he meets Kyler.  She’s condescending and cold-hearted, but there’s something there that  makes Remy want to get to know her.  
Can the two of them get over their differences and give in to the pull that keeps drawing them together?

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Skipping Forward


What if you could skip forward in time, but never back?

Molly  Jacobs has always wished for more time in life. But for Molly, time  doesn’t work the same as it does for others because she suffers from  time skipping. At least, that’s what she calls it.

From the age  of seven, Molly discovers her ability to jump into the future. But it  doesn't come without a price. With each time skip, memories of those  seconds, minutes, or hours of her life are lost.

Molly never  cared until Rhett enters her life. Now, time has meaning, and as they  grow closer together, pieces of their time together disappears. Molly  needs to learn discipline and control, before she loses the essence of  her life.

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The Pirate's Siren


She belongs to two races—and both of them want her dead.

The  sirens cast her out. The humans want her dead. With nowhere to turn,  Sera must risk her life once more; this time, to a ruthless pirate named  Bloody Steel.

Being part human, Sera is seen as an abomination  by other sirens and shouldn't exist. The waters aren't safe with them  hunting her. On the run from her own kind, Sera knows to escape on land  would mean certain death at the hands of humans.

With nowhere  else to turn, she boards a nearing ship, hoping to get as far away as  possible from everything. But when she discovers its captain is the  ruthless pirate known as Bloody Steel, she wonders if he will heal her  troubled heart…or bring about her demise…

From USA Today Bestselling Author Bethany Wicker comes a new series full of betrayal, secrets, and underwater adventures.

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The Pirate's Princess


Sera just wants to belong…. now, she must find a way to rule.

 When Sera discovers that her dad is not only alive, but also the siren  king, she finds herself thrown into the middle of siren politics. She  must prepare to become queen. But the mermaids have taken something  valuable from the sirens: a necklace that gives them their full power.  According to siren lore, only the Fated Princess can retrieve the  necklace. 

Sera knows what she needs to do, but try telling that  to her heart. It yearns for Steel, and she fears she’ll never see him  again. How can she learn to rule the sirens when her heart is with a  certain captain?

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